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Know When it Makes Sense to Consolidate Student Loans
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Gone are the days when it was generally a good idea for most federal student loan borrowers to consolidate their loans. The student loan world has changed significantly, eliminating two of the biggest benefits of consolidation.
BBB alerts consumers to Sunrise Student Loan Services
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Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana is alerting local consumers to Sunrise Student Loan Services. Hopeful about the opportunity to consolidate student loans and reduce monthly payments, many consumers allegedly paid the company hundreds of dollars, only to allegedly experience failed promises. BBB has received 27 complaints about Sunrise Student Loan Services in the last 12 months ...
Fitch: US Student Loan Servicer Consolidation Will Persist
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Some smaller not for profit student loan servicers will likely exit the sector while others will continue to merge with larger servicers, Fitch Ratings says. We believe this
Stafford Loans: Subsidized Vs. Unsubsidized
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Before you take out federal student aid, learn the difference between these two types of Stafford loan. It could save you a chunk of money.
Artec Global Media Launches Student Loan Division
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SAN DIEGO, Oct. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Artec Global Media, Inc. (ACTL), an emerging, vertically integrated marketing firm providing affiliate marketing, publishing and strategic consulting solutions, today announced the launch of its student loan consolidation division. Through direct mail, online advertising and call centers, Artec will help consumers navigate the complexities and nuances of ...
COLUMN-Beware of offers to refinance federal student loans
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People with federal student loan debt now have a few options to lower their rates with private consolidation loans, but consumer advocates warn they could be giving up vital protections in doing so. Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc's Citizens Financial Group recently expanded its student loan refinancing program to include federal as well as private student loans. The bank joins two much smaller ... Launches Student Loan Consolidation Business Training in Conjunction with Credit Repair Summit
read story announces the launch of its new Student Loan Consolidation Department on Thursday September 18th 2014 for professional credit repair companies, mortgage companies, real estate companies, and tax preparation companies to assist their clients with understanding and perhaps lowering their monthly Federal Student Loans. (PRWeb September 24, 2014) Read the full story at http://www.prweb ...
5 Strategies to Dig Out of Student Loan Debt
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Mike Dominguez is the first to admit he should have gotten on top of his student loan debt earlier.
Parents pay the price for children’s student debt
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Parents who want to provide for their children's college education are being stretched to the brink with student loans.
Senior Citizens Now Have $18.2 Billion in Student Loan Debt -- And Growing
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And while the student loan debt load that can be attributed to people over 65 makes up only a small percentage of the problem , it is growing exponentially.