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Those lucky few with quake insurance begin receiving payouts
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A total of $152,000 in Napa earthquake insurance claims have been paid by the California Earthquake Authority since the Aug. 24 quake, the nonprofit agency reported.
Affordable car coverage still elusive, advocates say
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Too many people with good driving records in low-to-moderate-income households can’t find affordable car insurance, according to a new report from the Consumer Federation of America, which called on state and federal regulators to step in.
The 2014 Enterprise Architecture Awards
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Welcome to the fifth annual Enterprise Architecture Awards, presented by InfoWorld, Forrester Research, and the Penn State University Center for Enterprise Architecture. This year, we have six winning EA programs from the following companies: Allstate Insurance, Australia Post, Dell, Dubai Customs House, Molina Healthcare, and State Farm Insurance Companies.
Not Caring About Personal Privacy Might Lead to Auto Insurance Discounts, Says 4AutoInsuranceQuote
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The Website Just Posted a New Article that Explains How People who are Not Concerned with this Issue Might Get Better Auto Insurance Rates New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 12, 2014 /, ...
The Fender-Bender: To Claim or Not to Claim
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You have a car insurance deductible, but filing a claim for small amounts above that would be very costly, eventually.
Blog: Illinois auto premiums drop as credit score rises
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The University of Illinois Tri-County Extension office covering Livingston, Woodford and McLean counties.