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Not Caring About Personal Privacy Might Lead to Auto Insurance Discounts, Says 4AutoInsuranceQuote
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The Website Just Posted a New Article that Explains How People who are Not Concerned with this Issue Might Get Better Auto Insurance Rates New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 12, 2014 /, ...
Digital Display Advertising Nine Times More Effective Than TV for Auto Insurance Brands, According to Rocket Fuel Study
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Insurance companies face a bumpy road ahead when it comes to retaining customers and staying top-of-mind for consumers. According to a study released today by Rocket Fuel , a leading provider of artificial ...
Study: Digital Display Ads Nine Times More Effective Than TV for Insurance Brands
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The catchy jingles and memorable mascots we see on TV don’t seem to be what are attracting consumers to auto insurance companies these days. In fact, digital display ads are nine times more effective for insurance companies—especially car insurance brands—according to a study released today by Rocket Fuel . Rocket Fuel's study also found that insurance ads featuring human faces—a staple that ...